Gulf House Medical System 

Our Healthcare Products and Services Include

  • Radiology and Oncology
  • Cardiac and Neurology.
  • Critical care, Surgical, Dialysis and Operating Theatre.
  • Gynecology, Pediatric and Baby/Infant-care.
  • Physiotherapy and Dermatology.
  • Dental Equipment & Consumables.
  • Laboratory Equipment and Reagents
  • Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD).
  • Hospital Consumables/ Chemicals.
  • Hospital Furniture and curtains.
  • Clinical Diagnostic Equipment & Consumables.
  • Moving Health Lab – Medical Vehicle and Ambulance.
  • Hospital Medical Gas System and Pneumatic System.
  • Health Care IT Solution

Our range of Analytical, Chemical and Hygiene products and servicelinclude:

  • Analytical Equipment and Instrument
  • Industrial laboratory chemicals for analysis.
  • Chemicals for manufacturing industries.
  • Complete Hygiene chemical solutions – Food Hygiene, Kitchen Disinfection, Surface Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning.